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The vineyard

Aigues-Mortes and its history are linked to Louis IX, Saint Louis, King of France… Salt and wine were already made there at the Salins du Midi.& It is an integral part of history of the city since we find the first productions from the 15th century.


Already known in the 14th century, the vineyards of Sables are mentioned in numerous documents and archives, in particular in the letters patent of Charles VI in 1406 and Charles VII in 1431. During the general agricultural competition in Paris in 1897, it is already mentioned “Exploitation of sand vineyards”.

Between sea and salt marshes, an exceptional terroir

The vine is cultivated on dune sands with Rhone, sea and wind inputs forming the coastal strip or lido. The landscape is unique between lagoons and salt marshes. The biological diversity of the environment is exceptional, more than 2000 species of fauna and flora are listed, including the famous pink flamingos. The marine influence is very marked.

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