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Our cellar

The tradition of excellence 

The wine is vinified according to traditional methods. The grapes are picked according to their maturity, at night, between 1AM and 5AM in the morning in order to preserve the aromas. They are then cooled and gently pressed. Then transferred to our cellar in the heart of the Salins d'Aigues-Mortes in temperature-controlled vats of high quality and the latest technology, which make it possible to maintain the ideal vinification temperatures for the preservation of aromas and to the production of great wines. These vats also make it possible to carry out stabling, to maintain the juices close to zero degrees, before fermentation, in order to carefully extract all the typical aromas of the terroir. The cuvées are elaborated according to their plot of origin, separately until the assemblies. Vinification takes place very slowly and the wines remain on fine lees; the reds are produced and vinified over a fairly short period in order to preserve their aromatic freshness and then stored in new oak barrels.

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