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Protected Geographical Indication


Since August 2009, IGPs also concern wines. The new common organization of the wine market distinguishes 2 wine categories : wines without geographical indication and wines with geographical indication. This last category is made up of AOP wines and IGP wines (formerly Vins de Pays). IGP wines have thus entered the field of competence of the INAO.


The relationship between the product and its origin is strong, which gives it a characteristic and a reputation that allows it to benefit from the IGP.
The geographical area of a IGP is delimited.


The IGP is a collective approach, it is necessarily carried by a federative structure: the Defense and Management Organization (ODG) which represents and brings together the operators of the IGP product sector. It is the interlocutor for the INAO.

To be able to be marketed, the product under IGP is subject to a control system.

All our wines benefit from the "Indication Géographique Protégée (IGP). The IGP was born, like the PDO, from the European desire to extend the system of identification of products by origin.


Governed by regulation 510-2006, the IGP distinguishes a product whose all phases of development do not necessarily come from the eponymous geographical area, but which benefits from a link to a territory and a reputation.

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